Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is a land of innovation in bio actives, agriculture, nutrition and human health.

New Zealand is uniquely placed to provide the highest quality, innovative and sustainable natural products to the rest of the world. New Zealand has long been considered a land of innovation in the area of food, nutrition and human health. Evidence of this proud tradition can be found as far back as 1904. As a result of having over a century of excellence in food production and agriculture, a growing natural products industry has naturally evolved, using the power of nature and the active ingredients our planet provides for optimal health and wellness.

Key points that differentiate New Zealand’s natural products sector:

Government oversight of quality standards: GMO, BSE and disease free status; as well as antibiotic and hormone free status in animal produce

A world leader in food and agricultural traceability that prevents product adulteration in the supply chain

Well-developed and integrated research organisations, universities and medical facilities to drive future research and development

Clean, sustainable and unpolluted soil and water for optimal growing conditions and yield without significant capacity constraints

Unique animal and plant biodiversity found nowhere else in the world      

High-quality raw material production with naturally high levels of key bioactives

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