Uses for flaxseed oil

To add excitement to your favourite meal, simply choose your favourite infusion and drizzle away!! (you can be pretty generous with your drizzle too). Or if serving platters or artisan breads, the oils are delicious simply used as a dipping oil.

Please note: To maintain the quality and health giving properties of TK Extra Virgin Flax Seed Oils, they should not be used for frying. They are however ideal for adding to or drizzling over hot/cooked foods. Below are some quick and easy suggestions:


Pure, unflavoured Flax Seed Oil has a subtle nutty flavour and aroma, and can replace olive oil in your favourite recipes. Include in vinaigrettes, marinades, dressings, dips and drizzles, or try adding to smoothies, porridge or yoghurt, or simply use as a dip for bread alongside delicious Dukkah.


The most delicate of our infused cold pressed Flax Seed Oils, the Citrus infusion has an amazing citrus flavour and aroma. The combination of Lemon oil and Key Lime oil, coupled with the flavours of the Flax Seed Oil, make this the perfect match for drizzling on fresh salads, grilled vegetables and is divine on seafood.

Mixed Herbs

The Mixed Herb Infusion has been blended specifically to enhance salads, pasta and pizzas. This medium flavoured Flax Seed Oil is infused with Garlic, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme, and has a traditional Mediterranean aroma. Try sprinkled over salads or pizzas, toss through pasta, or add to pesto, soups, sauces and casseroles.


Garlic, an essential ingredient in many dishes, is the perfect partner for the nutty flavours of Flax Seed Oil. This is one of our stronger infusions and promises to add dimension and depth to your favourite dish. Drizzle over cooked meats and stir-fries, toss through pasta and risotto, sprinkle over salads or vegetables, mix into mashed potatoes, or brush over artisan bread.

Chilli & Lime

Combining a creative blend of cooling citrus and spicy chilli heat, the Chilli & Lime infusion delivers a taste sensation. Smoked, spicy Chipotle Chilli is perfectly balanced with the fresh flavours and tartness of Key Lime, then gently infused into our Flax Seed Oil. Try tossed into stir fries, drizzle over Asian Salads, spice up your salsa, or sprinkle over cooked prawns.

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