Quality standards

New Zealand’s reputation for excellence in food and agricultural production is driven by strict adherence to quality standards. Quality Standards underpin our product innovation. New Zealand has long been regarded around the world to be a lush green island country, with snow capped mountains and golden sandy beaches. It is a clean and green land, where the essential goodness is captured in the food and the products it produces.

New Zealand maintains genetically modified organism (GMO) free status. Its clean soils and waters also ensure the highest purity of the raw material source and that the risk of product contamination from heavy metals and pollutants is greatly reduced.

New Zealand places strict rules on the production of agricultural products that either severely restricts or totally bans the use of antibiotics, pesticide residues, or growth promotants that can be commonly found in foods from other markets.

New Zealand has some of the most highly regarded and respected quality standards for food and bioactives manufacturing in the world.

New Zealand is world leading in raw material traceability, which has grown in importance as reports of adulteration occur from around the world. Consumers are calling for increasing transparency, credibility and accountability from nutraceutical and food manufacturers. Ingredient and food manufacturers must follow strict and audited quality and manufacturing standards as part of the country’s internationally recognised food regulations.  

Never before have we seen such global concern about where food comes from, and what happens to it between that place and your table. Transparency and traceability are important in New Zealand's culinary industry and we want you to be able to access information on the exact origin and journey of our ingredients so you can buy in confidence.

Sustainability is a focus across all food-related industries, with each sector working to address its impact areas. In fact, in some cases the low intensity in which we grow and farm means our products can be grown and transported to you at a lower overall environmental impact than what you can buy locally.

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